How to Sell MP3 from a WordPress Site

Few weeks ago, someone sent me an email appreciating my ebook on  How to Sell ebooks from a WordPress Site. He has been looking for an easy solution to sell ebook from his WordPress blog for a long time and he found my ebook very helpful. Now, he wants to launch a new website to sell mp3 and he was wondering if I had a tutorial for mp3 selling scenario.

Hopefully this video tutorial on how to sell mp3 from your WordPress site will be of some help to him and other like minded readers of this site.

This step by step video tutorial covers the following five main sections:

  • Uploading and installing the required plugins
  • Adding/Creating a product for your mp3
  • Creating a simple sales page to display the track preview and the product
  • Creating a “Thank You” page
  • Plugin settings configuration

If you find this tutorial helpful and want to set up your site to sell mp3 then here are the links to the required WordPress plugins:

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39 thoughts on “How to Sell MP3 from a WordPress Site

  1. Michael

    I think I just got my solution. I can’t wait to get the plugins and sell mp3. Thanks again


  2. richard

    If you put the MP3 link in the post/page, what is to stop people saving the link and downloading without paying??? Can you make the file play for ‘X’ seconds maybe?? ie; a sample only.


  3. admin Post author

    It’s totally upto you if you want to play a sample or full mp3. In the tutorial I didn’t upload any sample mp3 file. I just copied and paste a full mp3 URL for demo. But a sample would be fine to give user an idea of mp3 before he/she purchases it.

  4. olive

    hi thank’s a lot for the tutorial,
    my question is following the preview post:
    ” I just copied and paste a full mp3 URL for demo. But a sample would be fine to give user an idea of mp3 before he/she purchases it.”

    so, i would add just a sample, can i just upload the mp3 and allow peoples to listen just a sample ( and is it possible to choose the sample longer?, 0.30 second or 1 minutes for example…), or do i must prepare the sample before upload it?


  5. admin Post author

    I don’t think Audion Player plugin has any option to set the duration for the uploaded mp3. So you need to prepare the sample before uploading it.

  6. Chuck

    Is this the only way? I have a lot of mp3s that I want to sell. Do I have to do this for each and every file? I want to sell all for the same price, $0.50. and would like the one player to play all of the samples in one player rather then several. Can you help me out or suggest another plug in?
    would rather do a membership area where all mp3s are accessible through one monthly membership payment.

    1. admin Post author

      Yes, you will have to do this for each and every file. You can use the bundle option of eStore to sell all the mp3s together. But still you will have to configure all the mp3s manually as each mp3 has an unique URL. To play all the samples, first create a soundtrack by mixing the samples of all the mp3s. Now upload it and use with Audio player shortcode. You can also create a membership page where you will keep all your mp3s. Once someone pays $0.50 he/she will be able to access that page as well as download all the mp3s. But you will need a membership plugin for that. You can have a look at the following page on how to create a membership site –

  7. Aravinth Kumar

    if user want to purchase and download the mp3 file. how it is possible from this plugin????

  8. admin Post author

    After any user purchased the mp3s, the plugin will send the encrypted download links of the mp3s to that user via e-mail. The user will be also able to download the mp3s from the “Thank You” page.

  9. michael

    Ok for some reason my users are not getting the download link in there email. can i use the sandbox to test this and if so is there anything I should check? For some reason when I use sandbox to test it does not send the link over….

  10. admin Post author

    Yes, you can do test transaction with sandbox mood. “emails are not being sent”- there could be many reasons for that. You might need to make a test transaction with debug enabled to see what’s causing this issue. Just post your issue on tipsandtricks-hq forum. I believe they will take care of it. They have good support.


  11. Jimmy


    I found a big loophole in your solution :-

    There is no need to pay in order to get these mp3 files because the audio player which you would be using – by doing view source, any smart guy can find the complete link of MP3 and download it. There is no security at all.

    Please take my suggestion in a positive manner. I’m looking for your reply.

  12. admin Post author

    Hi, thanks for your suggestion. But I already checked this thing a long time ago. Audio player automatically encrypts the mp3 link that you use to show preview. So you can’t get the download link just by viewing the page source.

  13. Mark

    How do I sell MP3′s and other digital products and NOT charge shipping?

    On my site, I want both physical items and digital items for sale. I have shipping charges set up in Paypal based on the quantity of items ordered. How do I integrate both the shipping function in paypal and free shipping for downloadable products? Thanks!

  14. Mel

    Is there a way that the audio player could be shown INSIDE the fancy product display box? It looks clunky to have it above the product box.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi, With the fancy7 product display of eStore you will be able to show the audio player inside the box.

  15. AB

    Is there a max length for the mp3 that can be upload on the page? Also can you have more than 1 mp3 for sale on a page?

  16. missdjay

    Hello, and thanks for the really nice video. Is it possible to use a different audio player plugin to sample the mp3? For example, could I use one from I just want a tiny little “play” button and not the whole big moving thing that comes with WP.

  17. admin Post author

    @mark, If you check out multiple items (physical and digital) at the same time PayPal will charge shipping based on the quantity of items (even if there is a digital product among the items it will charge shipping). PayPal doesn’t have a way to verify if you are checking out physical or digital item. It will always charge based on whatever you have specified on your profile.

  18. admin Post author

    @AB, There is no max length for the mp3 and you can show as many mp3s as you want on a page.

  19. sunit

    Hi, once a user buys a song and recieves the download link, what is to stop them from sharing that link with friends or on forums. Is there a way to stop this from happening?


    1. admin Post author

      Even if the buyer shares the link with friends they will not know the actual URL of the file. eStore offers the digital product in an encrypted download link which is valid for certain hours (you can specify it in the settings)

  20. DigiDwai

    Does Estore plugin has a Shipping module..I will have to test it in my local host before trying it out in a live domain…Thanks for the tutorial…very descriptive.

  21. de Lorm Designs

    Thank you for this tutorial. I have a client that wants to capture the emails of those purchasing cd’s and mp3′s for a mailing list. Do I add that ability in the “collect customer” input section, or get the emails via PayPal as part of the checkout process, or do you recommend another solution?

  22. mleiv

    My web host has free downloads but restricted CPU. My experience with php-delivered secure downloads is that they max out the CPU very quickly for large files (+10Mb). Have you crafted your secure downloads in any way to minimize CPU hit?

  23. Messy Beatz

    great turotial thanks alot.

    I have a quick question.. would you be able to have 2 prices on 1 single mp3..

    for example a lease price of £1 or exclusive price of £100 and the buy can choose which option they want?

    feel free to email me.


  24. Peter Simcoe

    This tutorial inspired me to push forward with a site I had been working on for a little while. I ve just published [admin deleted the url] which uses an adapted WordPress template and the elements discussed in this tutorial to add an MP3 preview and the e-Store plugin. Thanks for the tutorial – it inspired me to finish off the site and include the ability to sell tracks I ve been creating which is something I wanted to do for a while.

    Both of the plugins mentioned here are reasonably straight forward to apply.



  25. web design darlington

    interesting plugin, is there some kind of agreement with the music industry setup within the plug in for royalties etc? there is a lot of clamping down on mp3 pirating etc, im sure you have that covered but what exactly is the situation

  26. Prof. Torg

    Thanks for this!

    I have a site now. If I’m heading in this “sell a download way” then I can pay to go with a service that hosts a .org site? Rec. hosts/services?

    This same method would work okay with a film/video?

    Where is that file hosted that you are selling?

  27. Lynn

    After a MP3 order is placed, how long does it take for the customer to receive the download link? I tried a test order to one of my emails hours ago & still no link. Thanks

  28. ALEXANDRA Vale

    Can I get people to register before they purchase the mp3?
    also, are there other design options to display the MP3? It would be nice to have the option to display songs as a playlist with the links to buy the mp3 kin front of the player.

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