Useful Search Engine Optimization Tips For WordPress


Search engine optimization is a very popular topic among people. Most of the people having a blog always want to make their sites more search engine friendly. Here are some great tips about search engine optimization from different sources for your wordpress site.

1. Top 15 Search Engine Optimization(SEO)  mistakes I commonly Make

Nice tips by, some of the main features of this article include using definite tag not to pass the page rank, using proper anchor text, optimizing images, using SEO friendly permalinks etc.

Read the SEO Tips here

2. How to Make Your WordPress Blog Search-Engine-Friendly

This article talks about keywords and Post Titles in the permalink or link structure, how to put your Post Titles into your URLs in WordPress, Post Titles in the TITLE tag, How to modify the default template to place Post Titles First.

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3. How to make your WordPress website search engine friendly

Main features of this article are creating a site map and submitting it to the Google webmaster tools, creating better permalinks URLs, using All In One SEO plugin.

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4. Make WordPress Search Engine Friendly

A video tutorial by Michael Gray about how to set up wordpress and make it more friendly to the search engine.

Watch the video tutorial here

5. Search Engine Optimization for WordPress

This article include using Good and Clean Code, Content Talks, Writing Your Content with Searchers in Mind, Keywords, Links, and Titles Meet Content, Content in Links and Images etc.

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6. Making Your WordPress Blog Search-Engine Friendly

The key features of this article include having good content on your site, changing the permalink structure, creating sitemaps, having relevant page titles.

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7. Configure WordPress to create search engine friendly URLs for permalinks

This article talks about having .htaccess file and creating a pretty permalink.

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8. SEO For WordPress Tips

Some features of this article are Site structure, Content organization, Writing content, Interacting with others and Helping Search Engines Directly.

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9. Brilliant WordPress SEO Tips for Bloggers and Webmasters

This article talks about Creating Sitemaps, Google Webmaster Tools, Cutting the fat from Permalinks, Packing A Punch With Your Post Title, how to Tidy Up Those Dirty Page Titles etc.

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10. SEO Tips For WordPress Bloggers by Matt Cutts

Some good tips with video tutorial by Matt Cutts to make your wordpress site more SEO friendly.

Find it here

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