WordPress Clickbank Integration – Easy to Use WordPress Plugin to Sell Clickbank Products From Your Website

WordPress Clickbank integration is a simple WordPress plugin which allows you to sell any clickbank product from your blog. With WordPress Clickbank Integration you can easily create a ‘Buy Now’ button on a page or post and sell your clickbank products to the customers.



1. Unzip and Upload the folder ‘wordpress-clickbank-integration’ to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory.
2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

Via WordPress Plugin Uploader

  • On your Dashboard go to “Add New” under “Plugins”.
  • Click “Upload”.
  • Click “Browse”.
  • Select the “wordpress-clickbank-integration.zip” file and hit “Install Now”.
  • Once the Installation is completed, click “Activate Plugin”.


1. Once you install and activate the plugin, go to “WordPress Clickbank Integration” under “Settings”.

2. Under “general settings” of the plugin there is a “Vendor ID” field where you need to enter your Clickbank Vendor ID.

3. There is also an “Image URL” field where you need to enter the URL of the button image ( it will be used as a normal button image for all of your clickbank products). Some Clickbank button images are available with this plugin. You can find them on – http://www.your-site.com/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-clickbank-integration/images/

4. Click “Update” to save your settings.

5. Now use the following shortcode on a page or post to create a Clickbank buy now button -

[wp_clickbank_product id=PRODUCT-ID]

Replace the PRODUCT-ID with your clickbank product id (e.g 2 or 3).

6. If you want to use a custom button image for different products enter the following shortcode -

[wp_clickbank_product id=PRODUCT-ID image=IMAGE-URL]

Replace the IMAGE-URL with the true button image url (e.g. http://www.your-site.com/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-clickbank-integration/images/button.gif).

WordPress Clickbank Integration – General Settings

Plugin Demo

The following “Buy now” button has been configured with a clickbank product. Click on the button to see how it works

Product Name: How to Sell ebook From a WordPress Blog

Product Price: $3.00

[wp_clickbank_product id=1]



Download the WordPress Clickbank Integration plugin from here

Please leave a comment if you have any suggestion.

44 thoughts on “WordPress Clickbank Integration – Easy to Use WordPress Plugin to Sell Clickbank Products From Your Website

  1. Julia Mason

    i also use clickbank on our websites and we earn a lot from this. Thanks for this plugin by the way.

    1. admin Post author

      No, It doesn’t have the functionality for tracking ID (e.g if you want to track affiliate ID for referring to your clickbank product).

  2. Don

    I am new WP but okay with using it – but I do have a few questions, that I hope you can answer asap.

    Does the shortcode have to be entered in the html or is it okay entering it in the wysiwyg editor?

    And – [wp_clickbank_product id=PRODUCT-ID]<<< where do I get the product id? Do I have to maually sort through all the products in a certain category to choose one?

    Thanks a lot ;)

  3. admin Post author

    You can use the shortcode either in visual/html editor, it should work fine. PRODUCT-ID is actually the ID of your clickbank product ( when you create a product in clickbank it should have a product id with it. for example – 1, 2 etc)

  4. Jim

    I wanted to add.

    I found this format:
    [admin deleted the url]

    that seems to work, but sirt off strangely. I tried it with one product. When I go to check out from their sales page I get one sum to pay, when using the format it is different sum of money, thou the same product…

    Very strange.

    I get the product ID’s from: www cbgraph com

    Thanks for looking into it…

    Really would love for the plug in to work.

  5. Dave

    So far the plug-in works great on wp 3.1 Do you have your own CB id take any clicks (say every 5th). This is common on these types of plug-ins (and ok with me) but would like to know. Thanks

  6. admin Post author

    Do you mean if the above demo clickbank button has my affiliate id in it? no, its a free plugin and no matter how many times you click on that I don’t get any commission :). I created that button so that before you download this plugin you can have a idea on how this plugin actually works. I didn’t make this plugin to get commission from clickbank.

  7. Jim

    You plugin does not work anymore. Unfortunately.

    the format xxx.yyy.pay.clickbank.net is not suppoeted anymore.

    Can you look, please, into it.


    Great plugin by the way…

  8. admin Post author

    Hi, the plugin is working as it’s supposed to do. You said you found a format which seems to work. I just clicked on that link and it gives me error.

    Can you be a little bit more specific on what issue you are actually having with this plugin? Please also post a link to the page where you have the clickbank Buy Now buttons.

  9. Jim

    That’s me again.

    I go over to the merchants area in clickbank, hover over the product name and copy the link. They all look like:

    [admin deleted the url]

    Where “backlinkan” is the ID to use in the [wp_clickbank_product id=backlinkan]. Like this.

    I tried a few times and the plug in did not work. I confess that in that format that I mentioned above

    [admin deleted the url]

    It does not work sometimes as well. I am sort of looking for the truth.

    Let’s look at the example:

    Product: 7 Secrets To Building Deep Attraction Online

    [admin deleted the url]

    ID = acimastery

    The link that I found would be

    [admin deleted the url]

    The one that you utilize is this one:

    [admin deleted the url]

    (please use your affiliate ID)

    They both give the same error.

    Let’s look at

    12 Month Internet Millionaire

    [admin deleted the url]

    [admin deleted the url]

    [admin deleted the url]

    The first link gets to the check out. Second gives error.

    Lets try another one:

    4 Minute Money Makers

    [admin deleted the url]

    [admin deleted the url]

    [admin deleted the url]

    First link gets to the check out but the sum is 170 bucks, when you actually go the sqeeze page and check out there the payment is 4,95 plus 49 monthly.

    The second links gets error.

    I know that on the clickbank official page:

    [admin deleted the url]

    the format to creat paymant link is yours:

    [admin deleted the url]

    I tried all the IDs mentioned above using the link… everytime I get error. The format that I found is not perfect too.

    May be I am doing something wrong.

    The plugin is really useful. I would like it to get to work.

    Thanks for loking into it.

  10. admin Post author

    The problem with clickbank is they have a poor documentation on their site. I had trouble developing this plugin following their documentation. Most of their documentations are outdated and don’t work as they have specified (e.g IPN validation, post payment process). That’s why I didn’t go for making this plugin robust.

    Yes, I followed the format what clickbank specified on their documentaion site which is working fine.

    I don’t know what exactly is causing this issue but I’m going to clear this out. You have a clickbank vendor ID right? (it’s basically the username you use to log in as a Vendor in clickbank). After you log in as a vendor you need to click on “My Account” option. Now you should be able to see some other tabs. Go to “My Products” option. You will be able to see all the products (If you’ve created one already). If not you can create a product by clicking on “Add New Product” button. After you’ve configured a product you should be able to see the product details. There are fields like “Actions”, “Item”, “Product Image”, “Thank You Page”, “Title”, “Currency”, “Price”, “Commission%” and “Status” for your clickbank product. In the Item field you will be able to see a ID like 1,2,3 etc for your product. That’s the Product ID you need to use while creating a payment button with this plugin. Also make sure to specify your vendor ID (don’t use the clickbank affiliate ID as this plugin wasn’t made to work with affiliate and I’m not sure if it will work with that ) and an image URL (you can override it using another shortcode for different product though) in the plugin settings. Now create a payment button using one of the plugin shortodes and let me know if anything goes wrong.


  11. Jim

    It is probably my fault. Looks like I misunderstood the purpose of the plugin. I thought that it was created to bypass lousy sale pages to get the customes right to check out. Plus the product owners get sneaky. They post on their sale pages something like subscribe to free ebook, send them emails and we lose the commisions. Thou I thought that the pourpose of the plugin was to bypass that. I apologize for confusion.

    If you could implement the subscribe-to-double-opt-in-comments plugin into this blog, it could help make your reader’s life more easier. Not advice by no means. You probably know about it anyway.

  12. Tony

    Hi Jim,
    When i click the link for to buy the product all im getting for the products i have use is


    This product is no longer for sale or has been disabled due to a terms of service violation ”

    Can you comment on this



  13. Tony

    Hi admin,
    When i click the link for to buy the product all im getting for the products i have use is


    This product is no longer for sale or has been disabled due to a terms of service violation ”

    Can you comment on this



  14. admin Post author

    Well, it has nothing to do with the plugin. If it’s a invalid product or a product that has been disabled by Clickbank for anything you’ve done before, I can’t help you with it.

  15. Tony

    Hi Admin,

    i have tried it with a top 5 product and still not working

    [wp_clickbank_product id=mikegeary1]

  16. admin Post author

    I don’t know what exactly your item ID’s are. But how did you get an item ID of “mikegeary1″? Item ID should be always an unique integer (1, 2, 3 etc) automatically generated by clickbank for each product.

  17. Jason Frovich

    Hi is there a way to mass add this to posts or pages?
    My one site has 1000′s of posts, and i dont want to add it to each page manually.


  18. John

    I would like to promote a product on my site
    how do I find the product id# for each product
    I can create hoplinks but where do I look for the product ID #
    so in your above example where did you get the PID

  19. admin Post author

    @Jason, Do you mean you want to mass add those buttons to all of your posts?

    @John, First, go to “marketplace” after you log in. Now click on “My products” under “Account settings” tab. You will be able to see all the product details (including Item id) here.

  20. Dave Osmonson


    Maybe you can help me, I want to put click bank products within my posts using a plugin where I just add the code and it puts an Ad at the bottom of each post. How can I use this plugin and get the Ads from Click bank??

    Any and all comments are welcome.

    Thanks, Dave

  21. chris


    Does this plugin have issues with ClickBank / AWeber integration? I have followed all integration instructions many times over and had both AWeber and ClickBank confirm that all settings are correct.

    The result is that the product purchase works fine through ClickBank, but there is no double opt-in and email captured to my list at AWeber, which is the point of integration.

    Since this integration works fine with PayPal, and ClickBank confirmed that there is no issue on their end, I have to ask if this plugin is what breaks the integration between AWeber and ClickBank?

    Thank You

  22. admin Post author

    @Dave, The feature you are looking for is not available in this plugin.
    @chris, Where did you get aweber integration with this plugin? This plugin doesn’t offer any aweber integration.

  23. chris

    OK. I think I understand the problem I’ve been having.

    1) I installed your ClickBank plugin.
    2) Through AWeber I activated their integration parser for ClickBank.
    The value of this is that the consumer is automatically opted-in at AWeber during the checkout process at ClickBank. Besides being efficient, the seller does not have to redirect the consumer to an AWeber form after purchase to collect an email address they just provided during the checkout process.
    3) However, it looks like my issue is that your plugin does not support this integration because it does not support AWeber.

    Do I understand this correctly now?


  24. Ken

    Thank you for your work and efforts.
    Do you have any ideas on how I would include an “agree to terms” checkbox integrated with the ClickBank checkout button.

    So, the link to Clickbank checkout would not go through until they click a box that says they have agreed to the terms of use.

    any help you can offer is appreciated.

  25. Itay


    can you please tell me how to get the product ID?
    under ‘my products’ it lets me enter a new product to the system and not see a list of the products i want to promote.


  26. Eric

    There is some confusion with the purpose of this plugin. This plugin is not for selling or promoting other peoples products on Clickbank. It is for selling your own products on Clickbank.

  27. Alex

    Hi, this plugin rocks! It’s very useful for who uses Clickbank and WordPress at the same time.
    I just need to study it a little more, but I’m sure it will produce results.

    Thanks and see you soon,

  28. mythri

    i installed this wordpress clickbank integration plugin and i have activated it…but i could not see it in my widgets…can you please help me???????

  29. Jeannot

    Thanks for your clear explainetion on how to configure the wordpress clickbank integration plugin.
    But I do not have a clickbank product. And need to promote any clicbank product. How can I do it.

    Thanks and regards.

  30. Ramesh Charan

    I am running into this same problem as this person wrote before. I tried to install and uninstall several times to see if it can work but same thing happens again and again. I am using Word Press 3.1. Please help me to successfully install this Wiget for Clickbank intergration.

    mythri said:
    i installed this wordpress clickbank integration plugin and i have activated it…but i could not see it in my widgets…can you please help me???????

  31. Archibald

    I i would like to leave a simple thoughts to express that your site was awesome. I found it on yahoo seek just after dealing with a great deal of other information that had been not really relevant. I thought I might come across this much before thinking about how great the content is.

  32. AndyTopps

    Great info on WordPress Clickbank integration, I am a seasoned member of great ideas, and i have loads of Clickbank information guides on Clickbank products in detail to help the newbie decide what is best to start earning from home, so please! take a look and start earning and learning. with my help

  33. Graham Stoney

    Thanks for this plugin; but I’m a bit confused. The description says: “With WordPress Clickbank Integration you can easily create a ‘Buy Now’ button on a page or post and sell _your_ clickbank products to the customers”. But it only appears to support selling _other peoples_ products (i.e. Clickbank Affiliates), not your own (i.e. Clickbank Vendors). The plugin doesn’t appear to handle Thank You page security etc; or have I missed something?


  34. fc hong

    i have installed your plugin but it does not appear in the widget for me to put where it should be. Can you please assist. Tq

  35. Rane

    It appears that the clickbank plugin is meant for vendors, and not for affiliates. The red flag for me was the use of a buy now button.

    As an affiliate, via Clickbank, using a widget that accepts html should suffice. That is how i have added banners to my website, anyway, which seem to work fine.

    In all of the previous comments, it appears that either we are in too much of a hurry, or that the explanation was not clear. This plugin is not for affiliates.

    Now, if you have a product to sell, them you would be promoting your product thru CB via wp website.

    Just my viewpoint…

  36. christina

    Hi, I downloaded this file and then uploaded it through the plugins and then activated it, but it doesn’t give me the option to click settings. It just has deactivated/edit — or visit website. So I don’t know how to set it up. It doesn’t say settings. Please advise. Thank you.

  37. Locksmith Miami beach

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