WordPress Shop Demo Using NextGen Gallery and WP Shopping Cart

This tutorial shows you how the WordPress Paypal shopping cart plugin is used in conjunction with the NextGen Gallery plugin to create an online store to sell your photos.

It will look like the following when you do the integration.


Please note that the secure delivery of the digital images after purchase is only available in the WordPress eStore Plugin and to know how to do this please watch the video tutorial on How to Turn Your WordPress Site into a Digital Photo Store and Sell Photos Securely.

How to Integrate NextGen Gallery and WordPress Paypal Shopping Cart Plugins

What Plugins do you need?

You will need the WordPress Paypal shopping cart v1.6 or above and NextGen Gallary Plugins. This guide assumes that you have used NextGen Gallery Plugin and know how to use it. If you don’t know how to use NextGen Gallery then I suggest you read the ‘Readme.txt’ file that comes with the NexGen Gallery plugin or try the NextGen Gallery forum

What NextGen Gallery Modification is needed?

We are going to use a custom template file for the NextGen gallery to display the shop:

  1. Download the WP eStore template file for NextGen Gallery from here.
  2. Unzip and upload the ‘gallery-wp-eStore.php’ file to the ‘view’ folder of the NextGen gallery plugin directory (nextgen-gallery/view/gallery-wp-eStore.php).

Displaying the Gallery

Use the following tag to display the Gallery in a post or page.


Given the gallery id is 1. Using the ‘template=wp-eStore’ option will show captions underneath each thumbnail image where you can display the ‘Add to Cart’ button and a little bit of other details/description of the image.

Adding the ‘Add to Cart’ Buttons below the Image Thumbnails

1. Go to ‘Manage Gallery’ from the NextGen Gallery settings menu and choose the Gallery that you want to turn into a shop. 2. Now in the ‘Alt & Title Text / Description’ field of every image enter the Image details (name, price etc) and the trigger text for the ‘Add to Cart’ button of that image. It should look similar to the following example:


“<br />” is a HTML code to insert a line break so the name, price and the button doesn’t come in one line.

3. Do the same for all the images in the gallery.

4. Save the Changes to the Gallery and Now your Gallery will look similar to the demo shown at the start of this Page.

What Happens When You Upgrade the NextGen Gallery Plugin?

After you upgrade the NextGen Gallery, you need to put the WP eStore Template file back in the ‘view’ directory (nextgen-gallery/view) and all done.

This is because, when upgrading, WordPress completely deletes the folder of the plugin that is being upgraded then downloads the new version. So the previously uploaded WP eStore template file gets deleted in the process.

Visit the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin page to download the plugin or to leave comment.

You can also visit the post on How to Turn Your WordPress Site into a Digital Photo Store and Sell Photos Securely for more information.

Recommended post

You can have a look at the post on how to create amazing photo stores if you want to create a nice photo gallery without using nextgen gallery plugin.


199 thoughts on “WordPress Shop Demo Using NextGen Gallery and WP Shopping Cart

  1. Arteccentrix

    This is an excellent tutorial using two great plugins thank you.

    I have one issue and that is this – the two work together very well but is there any way to prevent the wp-cart code from showing when viewing images in the gallery? You can see what I mean by viewing any image in the gallery in my sidebar.


  2. Kevin

    I AM trying to add the code to image in the gallery Alt & Title Text for some reason cant work right now its acting as a pop view page when I click the buy now button on selected destination page what em I doing wrong thanks kevin

  3. Jenny

    I have added the WP simple paypal cart to my website integrated with Nextgen Gallery and the Add to Cart Button is transparent – no colour. Is there a way to change this to a colour.



  4. nycbone

    Viewable here [admin deleted the url]

    I have integrated WP Simple shopping cart with NextGen. When on that page, I “add to cart”… seems to work fine.

    1) Sidebar widget has a double title when there is a product in the cart
    2) When I go to another page, the widget resets with nothing in the cart.

    Have I missed some documentation? Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks for all your work!
    Look forward to getting the kinks figured out.

  5. Dan

    We’re big fans of your terrific plugin.
    We’re trying to use variations for size-we’re selling t-shirts.
    We’re using the WP Simple PayPal version 2 with NexGen plugin and e-store template.
    I can’t get the drop down’s to appear.
    Below is the trigger code we used.

    [wp_cart:Caique on a Branch T-shirt:price:18:var1[Size|Small|Medium|Large]:end]
    Can you help?

  6. Steve C

    It looks like the latest version of NextGen Gallery (1.3.5) broke the WP eStore template file. Any thoughts on what might be causing the error?

  7. admin Post author

    @Dan, Please use the latest version (v2.3). Variation control was introduced in version 2.2.

  8. admin Post author

    @nycbone, You can make the “Shopping Cart Title” field empty so the title doesn’t show. Regarding the shopping cart reset… it seems to be a PHP session issue.

  9. admin Post author

    @Steve C, The template file is not broken. You need to upload the template file in the “view” directory after you upgrade the NextGen Gallery plugin as wordpress deletes all the files of the current installation during the upgrade.

  10. Voltage

    This looks like a great plug-in, at least from the examples I’ve seen. Unfortunately I cannot get it to work. Initially I thought it was because of the theme but now I’ve changed at least 10 themes and even re-installed the whole WP. Any ideas on how to figure out what is wrong if nothing is working at all? I’m using the latest versions of Nextgen, Shopping Cart and WP. Maybe I need to downgrade from 2.8.4?

  11. Voltage

    Ok, I downgraded to 2.7. Tried another bunch of themes. Not working. Nothing gets added to the shopping cart. Please help!

  12. admin Post author

    @Voltage, You shouldn’t need to change the theme or change the wordpress version for this to work. Can you please explain what part is not working? “I cannot get this to work” doesn’t tell me much.

  13. reid

    i was running the nextgen gallery and e-store for a while now and every thing was good..i just did the posted upgrade of the nextgen gallery now my images of items for sale is not showing.

    Instead this message appears:

    Rendering of template gallery-wp-eStore.php failed

    help please!

  14. reid

    never mind i was able to fix it! upon upgrading the nextgen gallery i lost the WP estore template file just had to re-load it.

  15. Donna

    I’ve just set up a test site, installed WP 2.8.4, installed the latest NextGen 1.3.6, installed the latest WP Shopping Cart 2.3 and the latest version of the template file from the link on this page. I’ve followed the instructions listed here to add the shopping cart code below the images, but it’s coming out above the image and breaking the NextGen code.

    The “Add to cart” button appears above the image followed by the code:
    ” class=”thickbox” rel=”farm-animals” >
    //end of code. The quotes are intact exactly as I’ve included them here.

    NextGen gallery was working fine before I activated the WP Shopping Cart plugin and added the template file. This is on my local development server, so sorry I don’t have a link to send to you by way of example.

  16. admin Post author

    @Beni, Just had a quick look and it looks like you have a spelling mistake in the trigger text. You are using “up_cart” in the tag where it should be “wp_cart”

  17. admin Post author

    @Coolpix, I am pretty sure it’s conflicting with some other plugin. I have heard this problem once but can’t remember the exact name of the plugin that was causing this.

  18. admin Post author

    @Donna, Did you upload the template file to the “view” directory of the nextgen-gallery plugin and use this template file to display the gallery eg. [nggallery id=1 template=wp-eStore]

  19. beni

    Hi ,Thanks for help ,but its just don’t work .i correct the spelling in trigger text ,and nothing …There is no button with “add to cart” please help :((

    Please take a look to my trigger text again ….

    [admin deleted the url]

    Again i’m using wordpress 7.1 with NextGen 1.3.3 , i copy template to “view” directory of the next gen ,it see it ,and use it ,but no botton …. :(( help again please…

  20. Donna

    Yes that’s exactly what I did. Then in the NextGen gallery I put the following in the description field for 2 of the photos:

    Price: $100

    The button does appear, but as I posted above it breaks the NextGen code somehow so that part of the code also appears.

  21. Donna

    Sorry, I submitted the previous comment then remembered this… although the Add to Cart button appears, it does not work either. Clicking the button goes to the full size image, not to the cart.

  22. Coolpix

    @ADMIN, The problem is that the setup I have was working before the last update. Everything was working fine, I did not add anything to the site, no plug-ins, nothing else different from what was there before, but when I updated to the latest NextGen and the latest Shopping Cart, it broke almost everything, so I don’t think it’s conflicting with any other plugins.

  23. beni

    beni said:
    Hi ,Thanks for help ,but its just don’t work .i correct the spelling in trigger text ,and nothing …There is no button with “add to cart” please help (

    Please take a look to my trigger text again ….

    [admin deleted the url]

    Again i’m using wordpress 7.1 with NextGen 1.3.3 , i copy template to “view” directory of the next gen ,it see it ,and use it ,but no botton …. ( help again please…

  24. admin Post author

    @Coolpix, You need to put the eStore template file back in the view directory of the NextGen gallery plugin. Please read the “What Happens When You Upgrade the NextGen Gallery Plugin” section in the post.

  25. Donna

    @admin any ideas what is causing the problem I’m experiencing with NextGen and the Simple WP Shopping Cart?

  26. Coolpix

    @Admin, that was the first thing I did. If you read my first post, you’ll see that I actually mentioned that the template file had to be reinstalled. If you take a look a my site, you see that what’s going on is something different, that I haven’t seen anyone reporting yet. What really bogs my mind is that everything worked fine before. Do I need to have a certain Worpress Version in order to make the new version of the WP shopping cart to work properly with NextGen? I created the website with WordPress 2.7.1, Atauhalpa template (older version, available the the WP templates/plugins site), NextGen 1.3.3 and WP Shopping Cart 2.2, and everything was fine. I updated to NextGen 1.3.6 and Shopping Cart 2.3, and it got broken, even after reinstalling the WP template on the View folder under NextGen folder on the server. I wonder if the problem is on the database, but I did not even went there yet to take a look, because I do not know what to remove, and I am afraid I can brake down the site completely. Here’s a page that have the items broken: [admin deleted the url]

  27. troy

    I have a suggestion for above problem – make sure that the file name gallery-wp-eStore.php is spelelled correctly including “-” and “_” signs. Make sure not to forget to add correct template text in your gallery page [nggallery id=67 template=wp-eStore] and pay attention to letter capitalization (there should be “S” not “s”).

  28. On the Curve

    Im new & trying to work this kick ass plug-in but like others the triggers arent working. All is up to date * instructions gave been followed. Ive read all the comments & replies on here too. Any new progress made on solving this issue?

  29. daren

    hi, plugin is pure awesomeness.

    question, is it possible to specify a price for each variation and that would reflect perfectly in the cart?

  30. anita harris

    I notice the nextgen gallery at the top of this very page is NOT being displayed correctly , this SAME error happended to me too, and I RESOLVED this BY :
    1) specifying [nggallery id=n template=wp-eStore] on the page or post AND
    2) ensuring the wp-eStore.php template file is copied to the correct plugins folder for nextgen.. ie plugins/nextgen-gallery/view

    Hope this helps

  31. Chris

    I am not sure what is causing my issue but I have exhausted all possibilities at this point and maybe you guys can help. Basically I am starting up a new online store and I have followed the install instructions here to a t. The Problem is when I click on the thumbnail, the thickbox load bar comes up, then just stays there. The image never loads. It also only does this in internet explorer. It does this on different versions of explorer and has the problem on any computer I bring up the store with in ie. All the other effects in nextgen to the same thing. I have even installed shadowbox independently of nextgen and it has the same problem. It seems none of these type of javascripts want to open all the way from my site in ie. They work great on other people’s sites and even in the admin area. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  32. Sapna

    I downloaded the NEXT Gen and the Paypal plugins into my WP site and I tried to do exactly what is mentioned in this link … but when I add the code [wp_cart:photo1:10:end] and check the page.. I see the same code reflected instead of the addtocart button.. can you please tell me where I am going wrong.. I have uploaded the template file too…

    Awaiting for your help,

  33. etiqi


    great, but something does not work in my website.

    When I type in description, doesn’t appears a line brake in the web, for example:

    aaaa eeee

    should appears


    but appers like this:

    aaaa eeee

    What I have to do?

    I am using wordpress 2.9 and nextgen 1.4.3


  34. Peter Armenti

    can you use table rate pricing and is it possible to have a quantity field before clicking add to cart?

  35. Jackie

    Any way to have the ADD TO CART button go to a page where user can insert options like if they want a Print, Painting or Gift Card and what size they want of the one they choose? Also, each one has a different cost.

  36. Jot

    Everything works for me except tha add to cart button appears to adjust to different sizes with each product I post. The shopping cart icons also increase in size to look distorted. Is there a place where I can correct this.

  37. Choubacca


    I’m getting this error message. rendering of template gallery-wp-store.php failed.

    Any ideas on what I can do to fix it? thanks! :)

  38. Choubacca

    AH! nevermind! I figured it out! I swear, it was because i had to rename the insert gallery code with an “S” instead of an “s”… GRRRRR coding!!!

  39. barry

    almost there, gallery looks good…but when i click on the “add to cart” button, nothing happens…what am I missing here???

    Thanks in advance!

  40. Greensnapper

    Should this plugin work with Next Gen smooth gallery? I get the message rendering of template gallery-wp-store.php failed.

  41. janet

    i upload the WP estore template file to plugin there then it
    appear Unpacking the package.

    Installing the plugin.

    Destination folder already exists. [admin deleted the url]

    Plugin Install Failed.

    how to i delete this file that i error uploaded?

  42. janet

    can i know where is the ‘view’ folder of the NextGen gallery plugin directory? i am new to wordpress.
    please reply asap, thxs !

  43. Colm Doyle

    Hi I am having problems with using NextGen Gallery and the WP Shopping Cart plug in, I get the error “Rendering of template gallery-wp-estore.php failed” you can view my shop page here: [admin deleted the url] I have checked I have all the latest versions of the plug-in’s any help would be great.


  44. Colm Doyle

    edit: I found my problem was the same as ” Choubacca ”

    “it was because i had to rename the insert gallery code with an “S” instead of an “s”… GRRRRR coding!!!”

    thanks for your helpful plug in


  45. Ricky Stafford

    Not working for me…

    Latest WordPress, Nexgen, and Simple Shopping Cart.

    My website is clickable via my name if anyone can help.

    The add to car button is not even showing up.

  46. Ovidiu

    same problem here: Rendering of template imagebrowser-wp-eStore.php failed why is it looking for a file called imagebrowser-wp-eStore.php?

    the only file I was told to copy there was gallery-wp-eStore.php and the spellign is right…

  47. D


    i had the same problem, change the code in the template.


    caption ?>


    caption); ?>

  48. admin Post author

    @janet: The ‘view’ folder should be at your site URL/wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery/

  49. admin Post author

    @janet: deactivate and delete the plugin.Once you have done that, just upload and install it again. let me know how it goes.

  50. admin Post author

    @Ricky: If you update the “nextgen gallery” plugin, make sure that you upload the WP eStore template file(gallery-wp-eStore.php) again to the ‘view’ directory of ‘Nextgen gallery’ plugin.



  51. admin Post author

    Hi arlene, I just visited this URL [admin deleted the url]. Your gallery looks fine. Did you type the following code correctly on your photo product page?

    [nggallery id=(your gallery ID) template=wp-eStore]

    Make sure that while typing 'wp-eStore' in the above code you put 'S' in Block letter.

    Let me know how it goes.



  52. arlene

    HI Again, I found a way around this by disabling the ‘Imageflow’ plugin I had and by going to the nextGEN ‘Gallery > OPtions’ menu item then selecting the’Gallery’ tab. Once there deselect the ‘Show ImageBrowser’ option.

    I think the trouble i was having was in expecting a detail product page when the system is not setup t p work that way. You get the thumbnail image then clicking will simply allow you a larger version image, not a separate page with more product details. I would have liked a detailed product page though, if it were possible :)

  53. Paul Halagan

    Sorry, I didn’t word that properly I have a Nextgen gallery of art prints, three sizes, framed and unframed so each piece has 6 prices. Is there a way to do this with this plug in. I’ve been having problems using paypal to get this to work without a paypal plug in. I keep getting an error on paypal.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

  54. Eric

    Hi. I installed the Simple WP Shopping Cart plug-in. I followed the instructions very closely to integrate it with my NextGen gallery. I have uploaded the template to view folder correctly. I’ve entered the correct code to my gallery page, [nggallery id=1 template=wp-eStore] but for whatever reason the price and add to cart button appear to the right of my thumbnails and not below. My test page is here for reference:

    [admin deleted the url]

    I’m pretty sure I’ve left nothing out. I’ve double and triple checked my work against the instructions. Do you know what could be causing this?

  55. Melissa

    Hi -
    Sorry, this might be right in front of my eyes, but I can’t seem to find it and I’m fried!

    I finally got everything to work – except the Add to Cart button – when pressed it doesn’t do anything :o(

    Thanks for any help/advice – this is a GREAT program.

  56. Eric

    Please disregard the above post. I found the solution from my template provider, Photocrati. For anyone else to whom this may apply, the following code inserted into your custom css fixes the issue I had (my thumbnails were lining up diagonally with the price and “add to cart” displayed to the right of each thumbnail):

    .ngg-gallery-thumbnail-box {
    float: left;
    width: 150px;
    height: 210px;

    .ngg-gallery-thumbnail-box span {
    display: block;
    clear: both;
    text-align: left;


  57. Tiff

    Is there a way to add a description to the lightbox popup? I mean we already used up the description input area for the price/add to cart button.

  58. cbeckley

    Getting same issue as Sapna and did not see a posted response:
    “I downloaded the NEXT Gen and the Paypal plugins into my WP site and I tried to do exactly what is mentioned in this link … but when I add the code [wp_cart:photo1:10:end] and check the page.. I see the same code reflected instead of the addtocart button.. can you please tell me where I am going wrong.. I have uploaded the template file too…”

    Any help would be appreciated.

  59. admin Post author

    Hi cbeckley,
    I think you did a mistake while typing the shortcode.
    According to your product “photo1″, It should be-


    You didn’t include the word “price” in it. That could cause problem. Let me know how it goes.

  60. Bizz

    Guys I have a question whose answer has been difficult to find.

    How does the plugin establish the link between the eSite and the bank account?. That is, once paypal receives payment, they have to give me a credit for that amount. How do they knpow they have to give that money to me and not to somebody else? Where do I tell them that?

    May be it sounds simple, but I have not been able to find the answer.

  61. admin Post author

    Hi jeffrey, Your gallery looks pretty messy to me. Did you see that? nextgen gallery is not suppossed to show on a post or page like this. I think your theme is having issue with this. But I’m not sure if it is doing the same thing with “Add to Cart” button” if you have followed all the steps correctly.

  62. Katia

    Hi I am having problems with the add to cart button and nextgen. Please let me know what I am doing wrong. the buttons are not showing :S

    here is the page: [admin deleted the url]

    I put this in the img description but is not working

    and this is what I have on the page

    [nggallery id=6 template=wp-eStore]

    [wp_cart:Test2 Product:price:15.00:end]


    please help
    Thank you very much

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Katia, Are you using WP eStore plugin? If not then Don’t use the shortcode [wp_eStore:product_id:1:end] in the image description as it is for WP eStore plugin.
      Just use the other shortcode in the image description,

      [wp_cart:Test2 Product:price:15.00:end]

      And in the post or page (where you want to show the gallery) the following two shortcodes are fine.

      [nggallery id=6 template=wp-eStore]


      You don’t need to put any other shortcode here.

      1. Wayno

        This is the key reply, I spent hours trying everything! I did not have the [show_wp_shopping_cart] shortcode added under the other one, this was causing the cart not to show when an item was clicked! Great Plug-in, thanks so much.

  63. Jess

    Thanks to Troy for pointing out the obvious, using a capital S for
    [nggallery id=1 template=wp-eStore].
    We all miss out the obvious sometimes :-)

  64. Lynn

    This is great stuff but there is no place in the WordPress Paypal shopping cart plugin to integrate with a PayPal account. I got the NextGen gallery to show the product info and Add to Cart button, but there is no way to hook everything up with an actual PayPal account. That is, the front end works, but the backend does not. When I display the shopping cart, there is no PayPal button. And in the settings page for WP Simple Paypal Shopping cart there is no place to enter PayPal account info.

    I am using WP 3.0
    WP Simple Paypal Shopping cart plugin Version v2.8.1
    NextGEN Gallery plugin Version 1.5.5

    Your link for “WordPress Paypal shopping cart plugin” takes me to a plugin named WP Simple Paypal Shopping cart, which is what I installed. Maybe that is the problem? Does “Simple” mean that something else is required (another plugin?) to actually hookup with PayPal?

    This is for a client and the site is not yet live and is password-protected or I’d give you the URL.

  65. Lynn

    Re: my previous comment (# 27 June 2010 at 7:25 pm )
    Okay, I have found it. The hook to PayPal is simply your PayPal account email address, and that is the first field in the page at Settings > WP Shopping Cart. The filed is labeled “Paypal Email Address”.

    I missed it because the installation automatically inserted my WordPress admin email.

    Duh. Sorry about that.

  66. mayur patil

    Hi , sir I have added your plugin….It’s really best

    I’ve problem that whenever I pay order through “sandbox paypal” and click on merchant link … I redirect to my wordpress blog but till there are items showing in the cart so, I want to reset the cart as empty after payment… what’s the code Please sir send me answer immediately I wants it….


  67. admin Post author

    Hi mayur, It’s not actually my plugin :). It’s a product of tipsandtricks-hq.com. If you need to tweak any code they can help you with this.


  68. Harish Save

    I’m using this plugin in one of my project. Its a photographers website and the client wants to sell copies of the photographs in various sizes.

    I have everything setup and working, but I’m stuck at one place. How to add separate cost for each size. For example, a photo can be printed in following sizes:


    Now each of these sizes have different cost. The examples given in Readme.txt file mention only one cost. Is it possible to have multiple cost for same product?

    If its not possible, does anyone know similar plugin which has this feature?

  69. Harish Save

    I know variation control and I’m using it to select the image size, but don’t know where to put cost for each variation.

    I use following code:

    [wp_cart:Picture 1:price:10.00:var1[Size|4×6|5×7|8×10|11×14]:end]

    In above code $10.00 price is common to all size. Which is not what I want. I want 4×6 to be $5, 5×7 – $10 etc.

  70. admin Post author

    Hi Harish, Sorry I messed up simple shopping cart plugin with WP eStore. Yes, you can use different variations in the simple shopping cart except the price variation. It is available in the WP eStore plugin, not in the simple shopping cart plugin.

  71. Harish Save

    Hi Admin,

    I did some code changes and got the needed functionality. Here is the code (wp_shopping_cart.php – line # 111):

    //Commented this if block
    /*if (!empty($_POST[$_POST['product']]))
    $price = $_POST[$_POST['product']];
    $price = $_POST['price'];*/

    //Added this line
    $price = ltrim(rtrim(strstr(stripslashes($_POST['product']), ‘$’), ‘)’), ‘$’);

    and in HTML I write:

    [wp_cart:Dolphin Photo:price:0:var1[Size|2 Walets - $6|4x6 - $8|5x7 - $15|8x10 - $20|11x14 - $40|16x20 - $55|20x24 - $62|20x30 - $70]:end]

    thats it.

    You can put this part in the readme.txt file so in future if anyone needs similar functionality, they can do the same thing.

  72. admin Post author

    lol.. I didn’t develop the plugin so I couldn’t give you the solution for the price variation. But It’s nice to hear that you figured it out. If anybody needs it hope it will be helpful.



    Hello I’m trying to get this to work, but each time I add the tito_ortiz
    Price: $99
    [wp_cart:tito_ortiz:price:99:end] To the Alt Tittle & text it just wont work. I’ve followed all the instructions on this site. I’m using the newest copy of the Nextgen,wordpress and WordPress Paypal shopping cart

    here is the link to the demo site and you can see what I’m talking about thanks.

    [admin deleted the url] Let me know what I can do to make this work


    This is the first time I’ve set this up and I followed everything step by step I think. Yes I did add the eStore template file to the view directory of the nextgen gallery. But for some reason its just not working. The store works fine but when I try to add the info into the Alt Tittle & text then there is the problem where it does what its doing now on my site. [admin deleted the url] Please take a quick look having this to work would be such a life saver :)

  75. admin Post author

    Did you update nextgen gallery recently? Everytime you update the nextgen gallery you need to upload the eStore template file to the “view” directory of nextgen gallery again.

  76. Ophelia

    Hi! I have wp 2.9.2
    I installed shopping cart 2.8.6

    I have two assets right now. Whenever I click one, it’s fine and it shows in my cart but when I click to add another item it would delete the first item and replace with the current item picked. Also, when you put in the quantity and press enter, the cart would reset to empty. Please help :(

  77. admin Post author

    I just had a look on that page. When I add a product to the cart, go away and again come back to the page the product is not in the cart. That means your server doesn’t have PHP session configured correctly. You can’t use a shopping cart plugin if you have PHP session issue on your site. I think you should contact your hosting provider to fix the issue.


  78. ophelia

    thank you! I’m sorry tp bother you again, but now I have different issue.

    Whenever I click the items they are still shown one at a time, but when I refresh the page all of the items (including the items I didn’t select) show up. Is this also a PHP session problem?

  79. Jason

    I’m trying to get the simple cart to work with the nextgen gallery, I have my gallery and each of my photos alt text looks like this…

    Earnhardt Logo
    Price: $250.00

    I’m getting the gallery, but no Add To Cart buttons, what am I missing?

  80. fran

    [admin deleted the url]

    please go there and read my issue…. please help me…. helpme…..h……e….l…..p :)


  81. fran

    hey author…. i just couldn’t make it work- the paypal button where showing up all over the place

    nextgen’s galleries are not functioning well.

    so I did a work around… I used a template from DW and copied and pasted the parts i wanted…. sort of frankinstiened it….. Once I did that…. the paypal buttons went in like gold!

    thanks for responding and trying to help! the result :)

    [admin deleted the url]

  82. admin Post author

    @Fran, I just followed your link to see what issue you are having. There are so many random posts there which are making me confused. Can you please post here on what problem you are exactly having?

  83. Tiago

    You can copy the “gallery-wp-eStore.php” file to “your theme*/nggallery/” so you dot have to worry about putting the WP eStore Template file back in the ‘view’ directory (nextgen-gallery/view).

    * you theme or child theme template directory

  84. Fredric

    I would like to use this excellent plugin to sell photos. I found the installation procedure to work fine and I am currently testing it with a PayPal sandbox configuration.

    Is there a way to import and automatically set the description field,
    price: £10.00 [wp_cart:VARIABLE:price:10:end], where VARIABLE is the name of the image?

    I will have several hundreds of pictures to upload/manage and believe the manual process can become a little cumbersome and fraught with user errors.

    Please advise

  85. admin Post author

    @Fredric, Right now I don’t think there is any way to import or set the description field automatically .

  86. Helen

    Will this change the “add to cart” button to a “sold out” button when I’ve sold the last item in stock?
    Thank you!

  87. Doris

    Hi, I have a question.
    I am using the wonderful plugin with the nextgen gallery. It works perfect.
    But today I thought I could go further. Instead of the gallery I wanted to display a single pic out of this gallery and in combination with the shopping cart.
    But it doesn’t work.
    The single pic shows and I also see the add to cart button, but I cannot purchase it. With clicking on the add to cart button it simply enlarges the picture.
    I used this code on my page: [singlepic id=283 template=wp-eStore]
    Is it not possible to use this on a single pic or am I doing anything wrong?
    thanks in advance for any help.

  88. admin Post author

    @Helen, no, it won’t change and simple paypal shopping cart has no option to keep track of all your products ( as it doesn’t store your product details in the database)

  89. admin Post author

    @Doris, In nextgen gallery and simple paypal shopping cart integration you can only show all the pictures of a specific gallery. You can’t show a specific picture out of all the pictures of a specific gallery. But If you really want to show only a single picture you can do a trick here though. First, create a gallery and add a picture to it. Now use the shortcode to show the gallery on a page or post. This way it will show the one picture of that gallery. Hope this makes sense.


  90. grabutty

    Hi there,

    Is there a simple way to change the “Your cart is empty” text styling? I am having the darndest time trying to change this. Any help is MUCH appreciated!

    Thank you kindly!


  91. Lina Holznecht

    Thanks for the ideas.I love online shopping so much, my favorite store is Woman Within (Lane Bryant Catalog)

  92. Julia

    Please could someone explain more fully the cure for ‘Rendering of template imagebrowser-wp-eStore.php failed’ when using imagebrowser. Please…..



  93. admin Post author

    @Julia, It could be for couple of reasons. Did you put the eStore template file in the view directory of nextgen gallery plugin? Are you using the right shortcode for showing your gallery?

    Also please post a link to the page where you are having this problem.

  94. Payam

    Hi I was wondering if anyone knows how to set the shopping cart information to go on the right hand side of the image and not under it.

    Please take a look at my site. I really need the add to cart options to go on the right hand side of my next gen image.

    please take a look at this link and you will see what i mean…
    [admin deleted the url]

    Any help with this would be great.

    Great plugins by the way…

  95. admin Post author

    @Denise, In eStore after anyone purchases the product the plugin retrieves the transaction ID of the product and saves it with other sales details of the product. For simple shopping cart there is no product or sales details so I don’t think it has it.

    @Payam, With the current eStore template file I think you can only show the add to cart buttons below the images.

  96. Hillary

    I’m working on this site – [admin deleted the url] and have added the e-store template and NextGen Gallery plugin to make the shops for the site. On this page: [admin deleted the url] – the gallery loads but is much lower on the page. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to move the gallery up so that there’s not so much space in between the title of the page and the gallery. I’ve looked at the style sheets for the theme I’m using as well as for the gallery and can’t find anything. I didn’t see anything in the e-store template either. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get the gallery to move up higher on the page?


  97. Michael

    I am having some minor issues for some reason the gallery is showing
    Add To Cart ” class=”shutterset_set_1″ >….. When I click add to cart is opens the image in a new window. Any idea on why my text is not showing that I put in my gallery?

    Here is my Alt/Title/Description Text

    Test Product
    Price: $75.00
    [wp_cart:Test Product:price:10.00:shipping:2.00:end]

    1. kiamaru

      hi Michael

      i have the same problem with clas=”shutterset_set_1″ />
      how you fix that?

      thank you for your response

  98. Michael

    Thanks for the question but I am new to this plugin. What would be the normal one? I tried it without the shipping part in there and still had the same issue

  99. Michael

    Ok yep officially a dummy lol…. Ok I figured out the issue on why it was not working right for me. It was my fault. I skipped a step…. Loving this plugin

  100. John

    I am having an issue getting this working, I posted on the forums but no reply. My problem is the cart only shows the code


    it does not convert that into a buy now button. Any ideas why this might be happening?


  101. admin Post author

    Looks like you are using a capital “P” in the price field of that shortcode. Try changing it to a small “p”. The shortcode should look something like this –


    Let me know how it goes.

  102. John

    Another question, Once someone has added text to the cart, how can I display some extra text (ie some disclaimer text about the images) that would appear below the paypal checkout image but ONLY if they added something to the cart?


  103. Shawn

    When I click on Add to Cart after adding this to my site, I am just returned to the page. Is a Paypal cart supposed to come up?

  104. admin Post author

    @John, Nice to hear that you got it fixed. You need to contact the plugin developer to implement this.

  105. Jim

    As all the photos in all my galleries are for sale at the same price is there a way to add the “add to cart’ button automatically to all images in a gallery?


  106. Jim

    Thanks for that and one more question…can i add the “add to cart” button to the enlarged photo/overlay rather than just under the thumbnail of the photo?


  107. John

    thanks! but i am confused, are you not the plugin developer for the paypal cart? I will see if i can figure it out basically it should just be a matter of showing extra text with the paypal icon… I will see what i can figure out too

  108. John

    answering my own question now, looks like if i edit the plugin file, wordpress-simple-paypal-shopping-cart/wp_shopping_cart.php

    I can add this

    $output .= ‘disclaimer’;

    after the form that calls up the paypal checkout Icon. ~ line 312,
    the form starts around line 295


  109. admin Post author

    Yes, WP simple PayPal shopping cart is a tipsandtricks-hq product. I’m just a fan of their products.

  110. perfume

    this page was just what exactly i’ve been looking intended for! I found this blog bookmarked by a friend of mine. ill also share it. many thanks again!

  111. Derek

    Dear Admin,

    I love your plugin, first of all!

    I have integrated the NextGEN Gallery plugin successfully with WP eStore. I only have one problem: There is a way of using the NextGEN Custom Fields plugin and changing the “gallery.php” file in the nextgen-gallery/view folder (admin deleted the url) so that each picture can have a custom link with a URL pointing to another page on the site.

    Is there was a way to do this with the “gallery-wp-eStore.php” file?

    It would really help bolster most eStore sites using the NextGEN Gallery plugin + your WP eStore plugin because end-users would be able to view product descriptions before the buy or add-to-cart.

  112. JayneG

    Hi! This may have been answered above. I tried to search first, but couldn’t find exactly what I am looking for. I am using NextGen Gallery with WP Shopping cart. I am using this shortcode [nggallery id=2 template=wp-eStore ]. It looks great, but I want each thumbnail to open into an individual gallery, say 6 images, instead of just enlarging the individual image in the gallery. I would prefer it to pop up, but I suppose could link to a new page. I hope I am explaining myself. Let me know if anyone knows how to do this or could direct me to instructions for same.

  113. admin Post author

    @JayneG & Derek, “gallery-wp-eStore.php” template file only attach an “Add to Cart” button with each image. It doesn’t do anything else. So if you use nextgen+WP eStore and want to link the thumbnail to another URL you have to modify the nextgen gallery plugin as the gallery is showing the thumbnail not the eStore. Currently WP eStore has some fancy display of showing products. So I don’t know if anybody needs to integrate eStore with nextgen gallery plugin. You can just use WP eStore. That way you will be able to customize many things including link thumbnail to another URL. Please have a look at the following post which will explain why you don’t need to use nextgen gallery plugin –


  114. marvin

    how do you
    Unzip and upload the ‘gallery-wp-eStore.php’ file to the ‘view’ folder of the NextGen gallery plugin directory (nextgen-gallery/view/gallery-wp-eStore.php).

    im new to this and i really need help thanks

    1. admin Post author

      You can right click on the file and select “Extract All…” to extract the file . You can use a FTP client (e.g. Filezilla) to upload the file to the server.

  115. Adrienne

    Dear Admin,
    I’ve been using this plugin for awhile and it’s been great. When I upgraded it recently, the plugin lost the ability to buy more than one (of different) items and to order more than one of each specific item (quantities button seems to lose information). Is there anyway to fix this to be able to order multiple different items at more than 1 quantity each?

    Please visit my link and click add to cart on different items and try to add more than 1 quantity to see what is happening:
    [admin deleted the url]

    Thanks so much!

  116. Tamar Zappa

    Wow! what an thought ! What a idea ! Beautiful .. Astounding ? I commonly don?t publish in Blogs but your weblog pressured me to, remarkable perform.. wonderful ?

  117. Charliechin

    Hello! I love your Plugin!!

    Im from Spain and here, we put the currency sign below the price (an example: $30, 30€) I can’t find in wp_shopping_cart.php or paypal.php

    Anyone can help me? Thank you so much!

  118. adrian

    this plugin is amazing for what i need, however i have a few problems maybe you could help out with!

    1. my website is a photography company based in spain, and we upload thousands of photos weekly, we would like to sell our images but but it is going to be hard to input this code [wp_cart:img_0001:price:1:end] into every photo description (over 5000 per week). Is there a way to add the code automatically??

    2.we also have to keep track of each photo with a special code i.e img_0001/img_0002/img_0003 ect… so when someone buys a copy of the file we know which photo to send, we cant have any mix ups! so is there a way to add the image title into the code [wp_cart:img_0001:price:1:end] without typeing the code in yourself??

    if anyone could help me out or even edit the code for me i will be eternally greatful!


    1. Patrick


      Did you ever get this to work? I am in an identical situation and wondered if you were able to pull in the picture id as the product name?

  119. Robert

    I am using WP Simple Paypal Shopping cart v2.8.4 and NextGEN Gallery Version 1.7.4 with WP 3 and I am having a problem where the Alt description of the gallery items is no longer showing up and displaying the Add To Cart button.

    Here is the site: [admin deleted the url]

    I have tried looking at all of the documentation that I could find and did upload the template to the view directory, but still not working. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated or if you are unable to help, maybe you can point me in the right direction.

  120. Stephen McEwan

    hi there

    Love the plug in – one wee question. I’ve set up my shop using NextGen gallery with 16 items (football programmes) on each page. I need to Tag these images to group them.

    our shop sells football programmes – So If your looking For Manchester United – you should be able to click on a tag in the widget area to see only Manchester United programmes.

    I have added in the details into the tag section in the NextGen settings – but they don’t correspond to the PAGE that I have all my programmes in.

    I hope that makes sense.

    some advise would be greatly appreciated.

  121. Irene


    I want to add images to my products. Is this the right tutorial to add and image to my products in the WP Shopping Cart?

    I’m just not sure – there is so much talk about photo galleries, but it seems I could use it for my product also.

    thanks for any info.


  122. Daryl

    I have installed WP Simple Paypal Shopping Cart along with NexGen Gallery. It looks real good until I try to use it. When the page is reloaded, the shopping cart adds 1 more item to the cart. I was told that this is probably in the script because it also happens on the test site. I was told this but I have not seen it. Anyway, I need help.

  123. sunny

    How can I remove the cart widget when empty? I dont want it to say or show anything if it is empty.

  124. John Pizzolato

    Harish Save wrote:

    //Added this line
    $price = ltrim(rtrim(strstr(stripslashes($_POST['product']), ‘$’), ‘)’), ‘$’);

    Sorry, but my PHP skills are not that strong. I inserted the previous statement that Harish suggested but I am getting the following parse error. I can’t see what’s wrong with it. Please Help

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in /home/jpwebdev/public_html/jpwebsitedev1.com/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-simple-paypal-shopping-cart/wp_shopping_cart.php on line 119

  125. Elan42

    You will love me for this:
    UPDATE `PREFIX_ngg_pictures` SET `description`= (
    SELECT CONCAT(“Price 1 €
    [wp_cart:", (SELECT `filename`), ":price:1:end]“)) where `galleryid` = 666

  126. Luz

    The answer might be obvious but I can’t get it:
    I have NextGen Gallery installed. And WP store. I am stuck connecting the two. Can one do these simply by installing plugins rather than uploading, unzipping, etc?
    I did not download (the WP eStore template file for NextGen Gallery) since I had installed it as a plug in. But what does “upload the ‘gallery-wp-eStore.php’ file to the ‘view’ folder of the NextGen gallery plugin directory (nextgen-gallery/view/gallery-wp-eStore.php)” mean?

    Where exactly is the ‘view’ folder for NextGen? Thank you.

  127. Brooke

    Hi there,

    Have followed instructions step-by-step. Started just today so have all the latest versions. The “add to cart” button is not active. Clicking on it brings no results. You can see the issue here: http://1yearago2day.com/merch

  128. Hemanth

    I need a Nextgen Photo Gallery Plugin, set up and integrated with a paypal shopping cart. Can somebody help?

    I have followed the Instructions of http://www.wordpress-ecommerce.com/wordpress-shop-using-nextgen-gallery-and-wp-shopping-cart-7 to Integrate the Nextgen Plugin with paypal shopping cart.

    I tried and came up with this [admin deleted the url]

    Issues I am Facing in my implementation;

    1. “Add to Cart” does not look like the button described in the Instructions Link Above.
    2. On Click of “Add to Cart” button I don’t get to see the Shopping Cart Contents as shown in the Instructions Link Screenshot.

    Looking forward for help.

    Thank you.

  129. Jacob

    I got the plugin to work great on the gallery page. I just want to know if you can tell me how to make the add to cart button show up in the fancybox? Right now it just shows the shortcode itself. If I can’t make the add to cart button show, do you know how I can hide the caption?

  130. Bob

    Hi, im just wondering is it possible, with the next gen gallery addition to offer different options for items, for example a tshirt in different colours?


  131. bahgheera

    Hi there, I got nextgen and the shopping cart to play nicely together as long as I’m displaying the gallery with the eStore template. But, I run into a problem if I want to display it as a regular gallery. take a look:

    [admin deleted link]

    On examining the page source, it seems there is an issue with quotes maybe, I’m no html expert so I can’t see exactly what is happening here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Doug

      This is because you need the eStore template to manage the add to cart. If you remove the paypal code you’ll be able to display it as you want.

  132. Martin

    I’m adding photos to my website to sell to event participants and I have the gallery with shopping cart working fine, however I can’t seem to find info on how the user would get the correct photo from me.

    In simple cart you can only link them to the one URL, so am I just supposed to send them the digital file after I get the paypal receipt?

    Just a little confused on this.

  133. Mark Hannon

    I may be working with a client who wants to sell jewelry. In addition to the basic price, is there a way to add a line for shipping and, if necessary, sales tax?

  134. Doug

    This set up is Great! Only 1 draw back…. It’s not playing well between browsers. I got it all set up and running and looking Great and then I hit my ‘IE’ rendering button on Chrome and well…you know, the formatting has gone to the dogs. I see it plays well for you in all the browsers. What did you do different? I’d throw you a link but I’m working on a local host.


  135. Mike

    I just followed the steps to integrate these two plugins, and it is working fine.

    I am trying to set up an album for each photoshoot, wedding, or event I photograph and allow anyone with the password to the page to be able to order prints of any of the pictures there. What I need to know is, is there a way to have a drop-down with different size options/prices to be added to the cart rather than a static “Price: $25″ and an “Add to Cart Button”?

    1. Mike

      Ok, well, I’ve figured out part of it…

      Could someone help me get the correct Price to go to the cart?

      This is what I have put into the Description:
      8×10 ($8)
      5×7 ($4)


      where the ‘*****’ is the missing piece. I am not sure what I should be putting there to get the button to grab the Price of the selected size.

      1. Nicola Elvin

        Hey Mike, I need to have drop down options as well, can you tell me if you worked out how to do this?

  136. Kiran

    plugin is working beautifully but is there any facility with the plugin to manage the products or images from the admin section? or can we manage it? How?

    Thanks In Advance…

  137. Kiran

    And is it possible to show the thumbnails of selected products on the shoping cart ?
    i m using the plugin configured with the Nextgen Photogallery.

  138. mark richardson

    hi, I followed the instructions for:

    Adding the ‘Add to Cart’ Buttons below the Image Thumbnails,

    but get an error just behind the ‘add to cart’ option – something like:
    ….”class=”shutterset set 8″
    - could this be related to my theme that I am using on the site (my lovely theme 0.6 by mythem.es)

  139. mark richardson

    forget the last comment – i havejust noticed that the letter ‘S’ in “wp-eStore” is capitilized!

    maybe you should add this to the info above (seen as the instructions are in an image)?

  140. Damion

    Can I get the cart section to show on its own page rather than sidebar? I am not using the sidebar section on this site and would like the this section to have its own page.

  141. Tracy


    This plugin is working fine on one of my client’s sites, so thanks for making it available.

    The one issue my client has with it, is that she’d like the description of the product to appear in the modal pop-up (we’re using the default Thickbox that comes with NextGen Gallery).

    All it says now is “Image 1 of 20 “.

    At the moment the description can only be seen when someone clicks the Add to Cart button and the details appear in the side widget. So for example ‘Oil on canvas, 11×14 inches’ is the description of the painting for sale, and this is used by the WP shopping cart plugin — we need this description to appear on the modal pop-up version of the larger image when someone clicks on the thumbnail.

    NextGen does show this information in the Thickbox modal window when WP shopping cart isn’t involved. So, how do I get it to display this description on the pop-up modal window when using WP shopping cart with NextGen and ThickBox.

    You can see what I mean here [admin deleted the link]

    If you click on the thumb you don’t get the description, but if you click the Add to Cart button the description appears in the Cart info in the side bar. Now go to one of the galleries not using the shopping cart plugin, click the thumbnail and you’ll see the description in the Thickbox window.

    Thanks for your help.



  142. Nicola Elvin

    Hi, I’d like to have the add to cart button in the image browser view so as my gallery page isn’t cluttered up with add to cart buttons. I have made it so that the gallery shows all the thumbnails, then instead of clicking the button and a modal window comes up, it shows up the image with next and previous buttons. That is where I want my add to cart button. However, the template code I add to the gallery page obviously wont work for here because it’s it’s own template. So I edited the nextgen imagebrowser.php page adding in , but this just repeats the image 10s of times with the shortcode just echoed out.

  143. Vighpyr

    Okay quick question. I got the plug-in installed fine. Love it! Now, how do I go about changing the ‘design’ of the Add to Cart button? I just want to have a smaller, colored button (similar to the one in the example at the top of the page) instead of the big, default one.

    Thanks in advance!

  144. Natalie

    Hello. I have installed the plugins and template and have followed your instructions. All is well except for one thing. When I put the code into the description field for that image:
    My T-shirt
    Price: $25.00
    [wp_cart:My T-shirt:price:25.00:end]

    and refresh my page, no text is visible and the “Add to Cart” button is positioned above and off center of the thumbnail image. I am using a purchased Mojo Theme template and am hoping that it’s not due to the template. Can you tell me what the problem might be?

  145. Natalie

    One other thing, I just noticed that the lightbox function does not work once I place the code in the description! Instead, when you click on the thumb, it opens the enlarged image in the same window and the user is left to hit the back button to get to the store.

  146. Damian S.

    For days, I have been figuring out on getting the right photo which I can use in my website. My gallery that has the shopping cart is working after I followed the step by step procedure. But yeah, this is not very friendly to all browsers. I also need more info on this one too.

  147. David Cosgrove

    I have followed all of the instructions/directions and on the Gallery page I keep getting this error –
    ” class=”shutterset_set_1″ >
    I have no idea how to fix this – any ideas?

    1. Roberta

      I get this error too, but only if I use one of the Nextgen images, which I’ve added the shopping cart code to, in a blog post. If anyone can help me fix this error, or even point me to a post discussing how to fix it, I would be most grateful.

      I know there’s something about using the estore template – but I can’t do that for my blog posts. Or if I can I don’t know how. So I assume there’s some kind of code I need to add to my blog posts template.

      1. A Walker

        I’m having this problem also. When I fiurst installed this module (early January 2013) it worked a treat. At some stage over the last few days it’s broken. I now get ” class=”shutterset_set_3″ > before each thumbnail

        Is there a fix for this?

        Other than this, it’s been a great plugin – fantastic for a breebie – and I was considering upgrading

        1. A Walker

          Please amend previous comment, changing “fiurst ” to “first” and “breebie” to “freebie” :-)

  148. Lyra

    Hello. I’m a little confused. Is the NextGen Gallery and WP Shopping Cart used for those who wish to package and sell their products to a physical location? Or is the delivery of the products done instantaneously by downloads after the customer makes a payment?

    I am a photographer/graphic designer and have been looking a shopping cart to sell my digital work instantaneously and have customers pay me via PayPal. Would the NextGen Gallery and WP Shopping Cart be the right tool for me?

  149. Toshi Yoshida

    This is a great plugin but I’m having a small problem with it.

    My gallery works by navigating from a thumbnail grid view to a ‘description view’ page (i.e. a page with a mid-sized image, large description and comments section) to a full sized image view. Thats a little different to most NextGEN users who go directly from grid-view to a full sized image view.

    My ‘description view’ page is being slightly corrupted by the plugin as the Add to Cart button appears at both the Top and Bottom of the page and the Top part includes some extra visible html.

  150. Barry


    Unzip the nextgen zip file, locate the view folder and then paste it in.
    Zip the file and upload.

    However even though i found the solution and tried to upload the zip file, an error occurs:
    The package could not be installed. PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature

    Please help

  151. Barry


    I solved the problem by tweaking the steps I mentioned.

    Unzip the nextgen zip file, locate the view folder and then paste it in.
    Zip the file and upload.

    Instead of doing this,

    open the zip file, browse to the view folder and add the php in this way.

  152. Nicolas Racine

    I have followed all instructions, and it worked perfectly. Now, I have performed a few updates, among them the NextGen Gallery plugin. At first I did not understand why my galleries were all broken. I went back to this page, and it reminded me to replace the template in the View directory.

    The problem is that now, my galleries are back to normal except there is no ‘add to cart’ button on the page. If I delete the template reference in my poswt’s nggallery tag, I get a broken gallery, with images all over the place, but the buttons are there.

    Can anyone tell me what is going on?


  153. John Campbell

    Where is the nextgen view file ?
    Is it the style sheet default page ? Do I cut and paste the WP Estore template code over the default style page? Is it on a new blank post or page? I see no reference to a nextgen gallery view file to upload the file to , so I don’t know what file it is, or where it is.

  154. Mark Hannon

    NextGen just upgraded to 2.0 and it is advised that anyone using the simple paypal/NextGen integration NOT update. They removed the “Views” sub-folder and anyone using the wp-estore template will only see an error message “[Not a valid template]” in place of their gallery.

    Hopefully they will sort this out soon.

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