WP eStore – The Secure Squeeze Page Generator For WordPress

Squeeze page is a page where a visitor lands and is offered to receive free products by entering his/her name, email address. The sole purpose of squeeze page is to capture the visitor’s email address for follow-up email marketing. These days people mostly use Aweber, MailChimp, GetResponse auto-responder services for their email marking campaign. But do you know that the flexible WP eStore integration with these auto-responders can make your life even easier?

How does eStore come into this?

No matter what auto-responder you are using, first you need to capture the visitor’s email address by offering free products. Once the email has been captured your auto-responder will do the rest i.e. sending out different offers to that email time to time as you have set it up in that campaign. But you want to make sure the download link doesn’t get revealed¬† to the visitor once he/she signs up through squeeze page. That’s where eStore comes in handy.

What happens when your product download links are not secure

1. Someone will sign up and share the links to different file sharing websites, forums etc.

2. If people can find out your product links on different forums they don’t need to sign up through your squeeze page anymore.

3. You will be loosing a significant amount of customers.

4. Your online business will be in danger.

That’s why it’s really important to keep your files safe.

How do you configure the squeeze page options in eStore?

After you install eStore go to eStore->Settings from the Dashboard.

eStore Settings

There is an Autoresponder Settings tab. Clicking on that will open the Autoresponder Menu. You can configure your auto-responder related options here.

eStore Autoresponder menu

After you configure everything, save the settings by clicking on the Update button at the bottom.

Now we want to create a product which we want to deliver via email once someone signs up through sqeeze page.

Let’s go to eStore->Add/Edit Products from the Dashboard.

eStore Add/Edit

You will see the eStore Add/Edit Product Menu.

eStore Add/Edit Menu

Simply enter a name for the product.

eStore Add name

Now let’s move to the Digital Content Details section. Here you need to enter the actual download link for the product. For example- I’ve an ebook whose download link is – http://www.example.com/ebook.pdf

eStore Digital Content Details section

Make sure that the Downloadable checkbox is checked so the plugin knows that this product will be offered as an encrypted download link i.e. the person who will receive this link will not know the actual URL of this file).

In case you want to add the customers of a product to a specific auto-responder list, there is also a Autoresponder Settings section. This is really useful when you have multiple products that you want to configure with different lists. If you want to add all the customers to the same list you can leave this field empty and the plugin will add them based on what you’ve specified in the Autoresponder Settings.

eStore product specific autoresponder settings

Now save the product by clicking Save Product at the bottom of the page.

At this point you are ready to go. Now all you need to do is just use the following shortcode on a WordPress post/page and the plugin will automatically create a squeeze page for that product.

Where 1 is the ID of the product we just created ( you can find the ID of all the products from the eStore->Manage Products menu).

It will create a normal sqeeze page like the following -


You can also use the ajax (the page will not refresh after clicking the download button) version of the squeeze page. You need to use the following shortcode to generate the ajax squeeze page -

Where 1 is the ID of the product we just created.

Ajax Squeeze page Demo:

You can also create an ajax powered squeeze form using the plugin.

Once your visitor signs up for the product he/she will receive an email with the encrypted download link of the product you created earlier. The visitor will also be added to the auto-responder list you have configured.

Want to try eStore?

If you are interested in setting up a secure squeeze page, eStore might be a good choice for you. You can get the plugin from here -

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    Thank you so much for the great instructions this a great help I purchase the plugin a few days a go I wanted to start to set it up but I was kind of nervous but with your pointers I feel okay and ready to start I want to sell tangibles, will see hopefully it will workout for me . Thank you very much again


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